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The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league with 120 teams in 15 divisions from 34 Hertfordshire clubs.


The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league, with 120 teams in 15 divisions from 34 Hertfordshire clubs.

Last Update: 23.11 on Wednesday May 15th.

Week Four - Zero Results/Postponements outstanding.

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As you probably know, there have been problems sending out newsletters recently so I am sending them out in smaller batches in the hope of reaching everyone, but could I please ask you to check with your club's other captains/players to see if they have received this newsletter and if anyone isn't, please take responsibility for forwarding it and future ones on to each other. There really is a limit as to how much I can do at this end so your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

A quick reminder of how to avoid a voiding this season:

Firstly, please submit your result as promptly as possible and by midnight on Wednesday night at the very latest. The earlier you submit your result, the more time there is for you and your team to check the result has been correctly recorded on the system.

Secondly, please take responsibility for entering your own result and don't rely on the opposition to do it, even if they say they will. Teams have been known to forget to do it, especially if they lost!

Finally, please make sure you have the full name of all players before entering the result. Results submitted with names missing and comments added saying "Sorry I didn't get all the names" will see your match made void if nobody spots the names are incomplete before the Wednesday night deadline. In the past I have sent a reminder if I spot missing names, but there's no guarantee I will continue to do so -you have been warned!

The 2019 rules have been uploaded to the website, the main change being to Rule 7 which has been highlighted in red for your convenience. Please make sure you read and understand all the rules especially this new one. The committee has to apply these rules throughout the 2019 season and "I'm a new captain and didn't understand the rules" won't be a good enough excuse to avoid a voiding!

A final reminder to get your subs in to Diane before she has to get cross and chase you up and if you haven't already let her have your new captain details please do so as soon as possible as it makes it quite difficult for the opposition to contact them without those all-important details.

* * * * *

Please encourage Datchworth players at your club to sign up for these e-mail newsletters (via the box at he bottom of the left hand menu on the front page of the website) as it will help them to keep in touch with any useful info that is sent out. It also helps to make sure the info gets out in the event that one key person from a club is suddenly unavailable. As you know, we don't need to send out very many newsletters during the year, so it shouldn't take up much space in their inbox.

Summer 2019 Summary

Summer 2019 Fixture Matrix

Summer 2019 Detail Table

Summer 2019 Player Results

Summer 2019 Remarks

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The Summer league runs on 14 Monday evenings from end April to end July. This season there are 120 teams in 15 divisions. Division 1 is good county standard, the lower divisions are less energetic. There is an Autumn league played at weekends from early September to mid November.

If there are any missing or dodgy location/directions please let me know. RoyB

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