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The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league with 128 teams from 36 Hertfordshire clubs.


The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league, with 128 teams from 36 Hertfordshire clubs.

The Datchworth Monday Evening League will start on Monday April 23rd.

Update: 16/4/18

Less than a week to go now to the start of Datchworth 2018. If you haven't already, please get your entry fees to Secretary Diane Coe (contact details on the Contact Us page) and also let Diane have contact details if you have any different captain this season.

Don't forget to contact your opposition to confirm the start time for the first couple of weeks.

* * * * * *

If you are changing captains for this season please let Secretary Diane Coe know the new contact details asap for the Contact List. If you have passed your captaincy duties to someone else, please do make sure they know the rules!

* * * * *

2018 will see the 50th anniversary of the Datchworth League. If you have any ideas of how this may be commemorated, please pass your thoughts on to a Committee member.

* * * * *

Please encourage Datchworth players at your club to sign up for these e-mail newsletters (via the box at he bottom of the left hand menu on the front page of the website) as it will help them to keep in touch with any useful info that is sent out. It also helps to make sure the info gets out in the event that one key person from a club is suddenly unavailable. As you know, we don't need to send out very many newsletters during the year, so it shouldn't take up much space in their inbox.

Please check the Divisions below and get back to Rupert ASAP if any problems
Summer 2018 Summary

Summer 2018 Fixture Matrix

Summer 2018 Detail Table

5 Day Forecast Met. Office 5 Day Forecast for Welwyn G.C.
Weather 'Nowcast' Weather forecast for WGC
Rainfall Radar Updated every 15 minutes.
The Summer league runs on 14 Monday evenings from end April to end July. This season there are 128 teams in 16 divisions. Division 1 is good county standard, the lower divisions are less energetic. There is an Autumn league played at weekends from early September to mid November.

If there are any missing or dodgy location/directions please let me know. RoyB

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